Pure Alignment - Basics & Iyengar

Experience Develop healthy alignment and body awareness.



Develops healthy alignment and body awareness through props and mindful adjustments in posture.


Introduces the fundamentals of yoga with an explanation of the postures combined with correct breathing techniques. Class is conducted at a more relaxed pace where students are encouraged to ask questions. *Ideal for first timers.


Based on the principles of B.K.S. Iyengar, this class emphasizes attention to detail and precise alignment of postures. *Poses are held longer and the use of props is encouraged to modify poses where necessary.


A deeply relaxing way of practicing yoga. Given props, the student achieves poses without much muscular strength, facilitating deep release in the connective tissue and calming the nervous system. Teachers may offer a meditative focus.


Yin yoga is characterized by poses supported by props (blanket, block, bolster). To differentiate it from a restorative class, yin will get deep into the soft tissue of the body. It's less restful, and geared more towards a functional release of deep muscle tissue.