Pure Yoga offers a tailored Mentorship program for 200 Hour yoga graduates of Pure or any other 200 Hour program to explore a deeper connection to their teaching with the leadership of Pure Yoga's finest teachers. This mentorship gives the mentee an opportunity to refine their voice and influence in and outside the yoga studio. The Pure Yoga Mentorship provides the mentee with the skillset to enhance the classroom experience for their students and privates for optimal learning, connection and growth. Mentees personalize an area of focus with their Mentor (i.e., language, anatomy, assisting) and work within a structured format to achieve their specific goals.

THREE MONTH MENTORSHIP (100 Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited)


· 1 hour Community Class on Pure Yoga's schedule

· 12 one-on-one meetings w/ Mentor (1 hour each)

· 24 Hours Assisting Mentor

· 20 Hours of Practice*

· 12 hours of Class Observation*

· 3 Pose Labs w/Mentor*: Workshop Key Poses (1 hour each)

· 3 Assist Labs w/Mentor*: Workshop & Understand Key Assists (1 hour each)

· Two Assigned Books with Paper

· One book from this list: The Yoga Sutras, Light On Yoga, The Heart of Yoga, Guruji

· Homework and Journal exercises as proscribed by Mentor

*Mentor can approve other qualified teachers to help Mentee fulfill these hours


· Non Member | $3000

· Pure Member | $2700

· Pure Yoga TT Grad & Equinox Teachers | $2200

*Payment plans available

*Minimum $500 non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance of application

*Complimentary three-month Pure Yoga membership included in price

More questions? Email Andrea: andrea.borrero@pureyoga.com





What is the most fulfilling part of being a Mentor?

It’s so amazing to watch my Mentee grow in those 3 months. It excites me to no end to be able to pass the teachings of Yoga along to an eager developing Yogi. To watch them grow each time they teach their Community class and  give them feedback. Working one on one with hands on adjustments is one of my favorite things as well as just helping them develop their intuition as a teacher and holding their space in the classroom.

How has being a Mentor influenced you and your teaching?

Being a mentor has had a big impact on my teaching. I have to step up my game every time I take a new mentee under my wing because each Mentee requires different guidance in different areas of teaching. Which requires me to sharpen my skills in. 

I have been a mentor to over 30 aspiring teachers and I’m grateful to each and every one of them for being able to learn from them as I guide them on their journey. 


My 100 Hour Mentorship with Kay Kay prepared me to teach! Being able to work with a teacher whom I admired was one of the best experiences of my life. Kay Kay shared her knowledge with me and I knew she had my back so any questions I had, she was always right there to help me.

I decided to take the 100 Hour Mentorship because... I needed more experience in order to start teaching. I valued Kay Kay’s ease of passing down information and energy to her students. I wanted to learn more from Kay Kay and the mentorship gave me the chance to spend quality time with her in a learning setting. 

What I loved most about the 100 Hour Mentorship experience was... my community class! Every Sunday afternoon, I got to teach Hot Vinyasa and it was the highlight of my week!