Figure 4™ Barre


Pure Yoga's signature Barre program is open to members & non-members. 
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figure 4

Figure 4™ Barre

Created by a NYC ballet dancer and exclusively at Pure, Figure 4 is the most challenging barre experience out there, enhancing precision dance techniques with strength training. With high-energy choreography and interval cardio, Figure 4 keeps your pulse pounding while forging a lean physique.

Figure 4™ FIT

Takes our premium Figure 4 Barre class and cranks up the intensity level by several notches.  This non-stop workout targets every muscle repetitively and maximizes results by adding in a heart pumping, calorie blasting, cardio element.   Level:  Advanced, 2/3, should be familiar with Figure 4 Barre format.  Not recommended for clients with prominent injuries or who are pregnant. 

Figure 4™ Forty-Five

Take the express route in this 45-minute class designed for those who want to reap the benefits of Figure 4’s approach in a reduced and action-packed timeframe.

figure 4

Figure 4™ Fierce

Combines all the aerobic benefits of a dance cardio class with the strengthening and toning elementsof standard Figure 4 Barre to keep your heart rate elevated and your confidence soaring. Please wear sneakers to class.

Figure 4™ STRENGTH

Using body weight and heavy resistance, larger muscle groups are worked in controlled intervals resulting in a lean body with a bonus of maximum calorie burn.  Attention to technique, efficiency and recovery are the science behind transformation in this revamped Figure 4 Barre workout.  Level: Advanced. This class is not recommended for clients with prominent injuries or are who are pregnant.

Figure 4™ STRETCH

Using the techniques of foam rolling, active isolated stretch and yin yoga, this class will aim to enhance mobility, reduce pain, increase flexibility and help restore balance to overused vs. underused muscles that are targeted in Figure 4 and all types of yoga.   Level:  Open