Yogi Charu

Yogi Charu




Yogi brings a very traditional presentation of yoga and mediation to his classes.


Classic Hatha, Yoga Nidra, Mediation


Initiated into Kriya, Yoga and Tantra, Breathing, Meditation


Bhakti Charu Swami, Swami Anandakapila Saraswati, Yogi Vijay

Yogi Charu instructs the following:
  • Prana Vidya Meditation Training
  • A major part of meditation is pranayama and its healing effects. Join Yogi Charu for a two week, 50 hour training diving into the pranayama of meditation.

    Prana Vidya is an Antaranga (Internal) advanced yogic practice, which is seldom practiced and taught. Yogi Charu will explore this classical Dharana (Meditation) journey with you.

    Prana Vidya is the deep exploration of energy (prana), and develops the ability to monitor and channel it for healing the physical body, including the organs and the subtle Mind. As a healing modality for the yogis, it helps to explore and purify the different levels of our consciousness. Students will feel the prana moving, bones moving back into place, tissues rebuilding, and a positive mental shift. All this from the pranayama techniques and mental focus!


    • Prana Nidra
    • Awakening and Circulating Prana
    • Expansion and Contraction of Prana
    • Distributing Prana
    • Self Healing
    • Healing Others


    Members | $700

    Non Members | $750

    Pure Yoga TT Grads | $600

  • ANK Jyotish-Vedic Numerology
  • A key to human behavior. Being a part of Vedic Astrology, students will learn about numbers the way previous yogis came to understand the universe around us. From Nada-sound came Rupa-form. Numbers being an aspect of form then carries a certain type of Prana-energy of a certain planet. This is a fun filled course understanding Yugas- Cycles of 1-9, Name numbers, Birth date numbers. Students will learn how to calculate which planets(Venus, Mars, Saturn..) are affecting them more on any given days, and learn how to adjust one’s lifestyle to go with the flow of the universe. The yogis and yoginis used this practice in the past to help them make decisions at the right time! Now you can learn the same.
    Friday, April 7th | 6pm - 9pm
    Saturday, April 8th | 1pm - 5pm
    Sunday, April 9th | 9am - 1pm 

    Members | $500

    Non Members | $550

    Pure Yoga TT Grads | $450