Karen Nourizadeh

New Britain, CT
Karen teaches adults and children to focus on alignment and pay personal attention to their bodies.
Vinyasa Flow, Hot Power, Beginner’s Series, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy
Certified Yoga Instructor (kids and adults)
Rodney Yee
Attorney and Broker

Karen Nourizadeh instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa (2/3)
  • Vinyasa is characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath. This class is diverse and sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy and in general is a vigorous, more athletic approach to yoga.

  • Yin/Yang (1)
  • This class begins with a fiery Yang(Vinyasa) practice to build heat in the body. This heat prepares the body to then melt deeply into 30 minutes of Yin yoga (restorative, deep release).

  • Basics (1)
  • An iyengar inspired introduction to the fundamentals of yoga with an explanation of the postures combined with correct breathing techniques. Class is conducted at a more relaxed pace where students are encouraged to ask questions. Ideal for first timers

  • Vinyasa Basics (1/2)
  • Vinyasa Basics focuses on correct breathing, postural alignment and sequencing of asanas in a traditional order, to help students cultivate a safe and well supported practice.

  • Yin Meditation
  • Go deep in both mind and body, with a portion of the class devoted to Yin Yoga and a portion to Meditation and Breath practices. Yin is a grounding practice where poses are held for long periods of time, helping to release connective tissue and muscular tension to remove blockages in the physical body. Meditation and breath techniques help steady the mind and create a sense of harmony and internal balance. Your body and mind will feel relaxed and refreshed as a result of these two powerful practices.

  • Meditation: Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga Nidra (Psychic sleeping) – Yoga Nidra is the art of conscious relaxation. It is a powerful practice where the body and mind are liberated from their tensions and anxiety. One learns how to put the body into sleep while the mind remains fully awake. The brain wave drops into the theta state where deep levels of healing takes place on the emotional, mental, and physical planes.

  • Restorative (Open)
  • Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing way of practicing yoga. Given props, the student achieves poses without much muscular strength, facilitating deep release in the connective tissue and calming the nervous system. Teachers may offer a meditative focus

  • Yin Yoga (Open)
  • Yin yoga is characterized by poses supported by props (blanket, block, bolster).  To differentiate it from a restorative class, yin will get deep into the soft tissue of the body.  It's less restful, and geared more towards a functional release of deep muscle tissue.