Jimmy Burgio and Nechemiah Bar-Yehuda

Jimmy Burgio and Nechemiah Bar-Yehuda instructs the following:
  • Monthly Sound Bath Session: Root and Pelvis Chakra – Enhancing Trust, Fearlessnes, and cultivating healthy Relationships
  • Healing and Rejuvenation through Powerful Sound Vibration

    Nechemiah and Jimmy, with their combined 52 years of deep practice and teaching experience will co-teach these 6 monthly sessions that will initiate within you a process of balancing, healing and rejuvenation of the flow of Prana (your vital life energy) through each of your 7 chakras and Self-empower you in all aspects of your life.

    Nechemiah, as part of his Sound Bath, will give each one of the participants an individual "Sound Healing touch" with 7 Tibetan Singing Bowls designed to resonate with and heal each of your 7 Chakras and a powerful "Sound Shower" while standing in a gigantic 22 Inch Singing Bowl. Your brainwaves will gradually slow down from busy Beta to relaxing Alpha, Theta and Delta frequencies, as you will glide into deep rejuvenating meditative states. Jimmy, in his eloquent and powerful guidance of Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, chanting in the sacred ancient languages of Sanskrit and Meditation will support your body, mind and spirit in your journey to overcome stress, fear and other negative mental tendencies and emotions and replace them with peace, joy, inspiration, and personal and spiritual fulfillment.

    Sound Bath Session 1: Sunday, July 23rd

    Root and Pelvis Chakra – Enhancing Trust, Fearlessnes, and cultivating healthy Relationships

    Sound Bath Session 2: Sunday, August 20th

    Navel Chakra – Enhancing Self-Confidence and Self-Empowerment to manifest your Dreams and all you can be

    Sound Bath Session 3: Sunday, September 10th

    Heart Chakra– Opening Our Heart to Enhance Unconditional Love and non-judgmental acceptance of yourself, other people, and ultimately the Spirit.

    Sound Bath Session 4: Sunday, October 8th

    Throat Chakra–Enhancing listening and communication skills and your ability to authentically express yourself in speech creative expression.

    Sound Bath Session 5: Sunday, November 19th

    Third Eye Chakra– Opening Our Third Eye to enhance unbiased perception of yourself, other people and the world around you. We'll dive deeply into meditation for insights and visions of your infinitely rich inner world.

    Sound Bath Session 6, Sunday, December 3rd 

    Crown Chakra–Enhancing our ability to access, experience, and express our Higher Self-- the essence of our being.

    All Sound Baths will be: 1pm - 4pm at Pure West


    Per Session 

    Members | $40

    Non Members | 45

    Six Session Pass

    Members | $215

    Non Members | $240

    **If you purchase a six session pack, you will need to enroll into each individual session on the Pure Yoga NYC App: http://apple.co/2ne3pi0 

    DAY OF: $50 for members and non members


    Nechemiah’s life as a child growing up in Israel was full of loss and turbulence. This inspired him to become a seeker; inspired by a profound spiritual awakening from an Indian Meditation master, his life has become a journey of self-healing and sharing love, peace and service.

    For 41 years Nechemiah has taught yoga, meditation and contemplation and has practiced various Energy~Body~Mind healing modalities in London, Jerusalem, NYC and Berkeley. He has studied in India, Israel and the U.S. meditation, various styles of yoga, yoga philosophy and Kabbalah with some of the leading masters and teachers of our time.

    Since he has been introduced 3 years ago to the healing of the Tibetan Singing Bowls, became a certified practitioner and started to use those recently rediscovered powerful ancient healing tools, his ability to lead people into easy spontaneous deep meditative states and to heal various physical and emotional imbalances and conditions increased many folds and he is reaching many more students and clients.

    His healing tools kit includes 2 sets of 7 chakra Singing Bowls that are designed to resonate with the vibration frequency of each of our 7 chakras and balance, heal and invigorate it and a large rare 22 inch Meridian/Root Chakra Singing bowl in which people stand to receive a powerful healing “sound shower”.

    He has created the Self~Recognition~Self~Empowerment™ healing method as his main paper for his master degree in Spiritual Psychology in the University of Santa Monica and incorporate in it the healing power of the Tibetan Singing Bowls

    His deep desire to support other people has lead him since he was a teenager in a Kibbutz to envision and cofound 8 nonprofit in Israel and the U.S. The recent one, Serving Those who Serve, http://stws.org/, an holistic healing nonprofit that he cofounded in response to the physical and emotional healing crisis among 9/11 responders, residents and survivors has expanded since then to reach many groups in need of holistic healing. STWS became last year an international organization as it is reaching with breath, sound and other healing modalities to the Middle Eastern refugees in the U.S. and around the world.


    Jimmy began studying yoga in depth in 2001 while training as a dancer in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia. His first introduction to yoga was through his grandmother who practiced yoga in the 60s and 70s and taught him how to meditate. Later on, as he continued his studies as a dancer, many of his teachers would use yoga as an integral part of their warm ups. As his practice grew and he took an interest in Eastern Philosophy, he felt compelled to share the joy yoga had brought him in his own life and sought out Lisa Asha Rapp at My Yoga Spirit in Norfolk and quickly enrolled in the school's teacher training program at the age of 15.

    Jimmy's training background includes workshops with Sharon Gannon and David Life, Dharma Mittra, Krishna Das, Jules Febre, Manorma, Dana Flynn and Dhanurdhara Swami. He has also attended several workshops held at Satchidananda Ashram in Yogaville, Virginia.

    Jimmy has lead retreats, workshops, kirtans, and has directed several teacher training programs in the New York City area, Virginia, and the Midwest.

    Jimmy firmly believes in the purity and potency of the original yogic philosophy and tries to stay true to that in both his classes and his everyday life. His love of teaching is evident in the enthusiastic manner in which he leads his classes.

    He is a founding member of Embodied Philosophy, an online yoga philosophy resource dedicating to bringing the wisdom of yoga to life in the everyday: