Frank instructs the following:
  • Journey Dance, Renew Yourself
  • Spring has officially arrived. It is time to experience the light and warmth, and reinvent our selves.

    Join Rachel Frank for a fun, soulful and energizing workshop as we let go of….

    old patterns, negative energy, bad attitudes, self-judgment, mental and emotional clutter

    and make room for new joys!

    In this two hour workshop, you will take part in 1 hour of Journey Dance (guided movement), 20 minutes of guided meditation and 30 minutes of ritual towards growth and light.

    Together we will leave feeling thankful, clear, hopeful, energized and happy.

    Rachel Frank,Journey Dance Facilitator
    Rachel has been teaching various forms of movement since 2006 and is now one of NYC's top Journey Dance facilitators. After earning her certification at Kripalu: Center for Yoga and Health, Rachel decided that her zest for health, mental clarity and peace were valuable assets to New Yorkers. Since then, she has opened the minds of many through private and group classes, corporate workshops and community programs.