Karen Nourizadeh and Michelle Officer

Karen Nourizadeh and Michelle Officer instructs the following:
  • Spring Detox
  • Cleanse your inner Self this Spring with a 60-minute detoxifying yoga flow practice set in a warm environment to stoke your digestive fire and help remove impurities in the body. Your practice will be infused with purification techniques, integrating specific breath and core work taken from the Kundalini and Hatha traditions. Afterward, ground down and nurture your mind-body with a magical Yoga Nidra, psychic sleep, focused on removing blockages from the chakras, the psychic energy centers.

    After a 15 minute break to rinse off and refresh, delve into the Eastern healing tradition of Ayruveda, a science aimed at relieving imbalances of the body and mind, taking into account, the seasons and their effects on us. Determine your unique body-mind constitution through a dosha quiz to evaluate your personal dosha. We will explore how the different elements of fire, earth or wind relate to your constitution , learning to identify and become more acutely aware of imbalances, which over time, if not corrected, can lead to disease. We will then, explore how to adapt your individual inner environment and dosha to the outer environment of Spring, creating balance and peace of mind.

    Journaling will be threaded throughout the workshop to capture imprints and patterns that rise to the surface of consciousness. Complete your practice by identifying and setting intentions for Spring, to empower you towards manifesting your deeper desires.

    Refreshments will be offered, and at the end of the workshop, receive a gift-an oil blend specific to the Spring Season.

    This workshop is one of a series of four, designed to adapt your mind and body to each Season. Check back for Summer, Autumn and Winter offerings.


    Members | $50

    Non Members | $55