Jessica Greenfield

Jessica Greenfield instructs the following:
  • NYRR Yoga for Runners | Five Week Series at Pure Yoga East
  • In partnership with Pure Yoga, we’ve designed NYRR Yoga for Runners – a five-week program tailored to runners that helps meet the needs of their bodies as they prepare for, and after they finish a race. Through this program, runners will learn how to leverage yoga techniques to strengthen the core, increase range of motion, and train the body and mind, to improve athletic performance and prevent injury.

    The typical runner experiences a great deal of pounding, tightening, and shortening of the muscles leading up to a race, and not enough restorative, elongating, and loosening work pre- and especially post-race. The NYRR Yoga for Runners classes focus on building strength, improving breath control and mastering mental focus pre-race, and restorative techniques post-race to help runners more quickly and safely get back to training for their next challenges.

    Classes are open to all skill levels – allowing runners to learn the yoga basics, build on the skills they already have, and/or develop a stronger yoga practice. In the five-week program, the first four sessions (pre-race) focus on body preparation and mental clarity before the big day. The fifth class is a post-race celebratory practice with intention to regenerate and restore.


    • Develop a yoga practice that complements running by promoting flexibility
    • Learn movements to help strengthen the core and prevent injuries
    • Improve breath control and train the body and mind
    • Practice with like minded practitioners who share the affinity for running
    • Access to spa-like locker rooms with massage showers and steam rooms


    Thursdays, 5:30pm - 6:30pm at Pure Yoga East
    April 27th - May 25th 


    Series | $125 (no make up classes)
    Drop in | $30