Jamie Harig

HOMETOWN: Hell's Kitchen, NYC

PHILOSOPHY: Gratitude, surrender, love and breathe on your way there.

CLASSES AT PURE: Ashtanga Open Practice, nidra & vinyasa

EXPERIENCE & CERTIFICATIONS: Practicing since 2002. Multiple ashtanga trainings with Scott Harig, Nidra training with Shakti Assouline Benedict & Rasa Yoga TT.

MENTORS: Scott Harig

BEFORE YOGA: Mom. Still Mom

Jamie Harig instructs the following:
  • Prema Vinyasa (Open)
  • Prema Vinyasa is a heart class for your body, mind, and spirit. Each class includes cardio activity from vinyasa flow and exciting inversion postures, plus accessible meditation and chanting - all proven to improve heart health. Practice lowering your heart rate in breath work to manage stress and improve immune functioning. Prema = Love.

  • Hot Basics
  • This is a beginner level power yoga class taught in a room heated to 100 degrees. The heat will provide for a detoxifying sweat while you flow through postures that are suitable for beginners who want a challenging class in the heated room with emphasis o