Deryn Beaman

Pittsburgh, PA
Deryn will give you a fun class that focuses on form and motivating you to push yourself to work harder than ever. Deryn sees it as her responsibility to make sure you get stronger, healthier, and have fun doing it!
Figure 4 Barre and Figure 4 - 45
Deryn has fifteen years of extensive dance training from the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School, the Joffrey Ballet School, and a BFA in dance from Marymount Manhattan College. Deryn is certified to teach barre and dance classes.
Too many to count, but a notable few are Emilietta Ettlin, Katie Langan, and her sister, Elizabeth Beaman.


Deryn Beaman instructs the following:
  • Figure 4 Barre
  • Created by a NYC ballet dancer and exclusively at Pure, Figure 4 is the most challenging barre experience out there, enhancing precision dance techniques with strength training. With high-energy choreography and interval cardio, Figure 4 keeps your pulse pounding while forging a lean, sculpted physique focusing on the thighs, arms, abs, and glutes. Socks with grips or bare feet for class.

  • Figure 4 Forty-Five
  • Take the express route in the 45 minute class designed for those who want to achieve the benefits of Figure 4's all-around approach in minimal time.

  • Figure 4 Form
  • Take barre at a slower pace and enjoy the added emphasis on proper alignment with Figure 4 Form. Teachers take the time to ensure each client understands the nuances of body positions and movements. Stretching is further incorporated to allow the muscles to breathe after rigorous conditioning. Great for new clients and barre-veterans alike looking to reap the benefits with a focus on the basics.