Connie Sousek

Lakeville, Minnesota
Connie sees fitness as a way to connect the mind to the body through the exploration of physical challenges. Using music, clarity of focus, and honesty she seeks to help people push past their comfort zone, to realize his/her goals and take what they learn beyond the studio
Figure 4
B.F.A. in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College, 200 Hour Vinyasa Certification from Pure Yoga
Kay Kay Clivio, Christina Ilisije, Uri Sands

Connie Sousek instructs the following:
  • Figure 4 Barre (Open)
  • Created by a NYC ballet dancer and exclusively at Pure, Figure 4 is the most challenging barre experience out there, enhancing precision dance techniques with strength training. With high-energy choreography and interval cardio, Figure 4 keeps your pulse pounding while forging a lean, sculpted physique focusing on the thighs, arms, abs, and glutes. Socks with grips or bare feet for class.

  • Figure 4 Forty-Five (Open)
  • Take the express route in the 45 minute class designed for those who want to achieve the benefits of Figure 4's all-around approach in minimal time.

  • Figure 4 Stretch (Open)
  • Using the techniques of foam rolling, active isolated stretch and yin yoga, this class will aim to enhance mobility, reduce pain, increase flexibility and help restore balance to overused vs. underused muscles that are targeted in Figure 4 and all types of yoga.

  • Figure 4 Barre (Open)
  • In this challenging program suitable for all levels, there is an emphasis on alignment, stretching, and proper technique. Instructors are hands-on and guide the class at a slower pace, making it ideal for beginners or those looking to build a stronger foundation.