Jessica Rapp

HOMETOWN: Lexington, MA

PHILOSOPHY: Jessica is a New York City-based yoga instructor passionate about helping others of all ages and abilities find joy in their lives on and off the mat through the practice of yoga. Jessica's classes combine creative vinyasa sequencing, safe physical alignment, and a strong focus on the breath to build strength, balance, and ease. Jessica sees yoga as a toolbox to improve life physically, emotionally, and spiritually and is excited to share these tools with others.

CLASSES AT PURE: Vinyasa 1/2, Vinyasa Basics, Vinyasa 2, Slow Flow, Hot Power, Hot Vinyasa

EXPERIENCE & CERTIFICATIONS: 200-hr RYT, 100-hr Sequencing Mentorship,

MENTORS: Kat Fowler

BEFORE YOGA: Jessica also works as a pediatric occupational therapist for children with special needs.

Jessica Rapp instructs the following:
  • Hot Slow Flow (2)
  • Held in warm room, flow through creative sequences to encourage deep muscle tissue stretching and release. Temperature of room ranges around 100+degrees. Great way for athletes to cross-train. Focus on Safety and Alignment of each asana while holding poses 5-7 breaths to encourage deep stretching and opening. Learn benefits of each asana and pose sequences you can travel with to keep your muscles open while away from home.