Dennis Hunter

Dennis Hunter instructs the following:
  • Three Levels of Meditation
  • The popular "Three Levels" meditation workshop is returning to Pure Yoga.

    Mindfulness meditation is trending these days, and is practiced everywhere from the yoga studio to the board room. But the great meditative traditions tell us that mindfulness is only a starting point. Once the mind has been tamed and trained through mindfulness, then true meditation and self-inquiry can actually begin.

    What does meditation look like beyond mindfulness? Join meditation teacher, author, and former Buddhist monk Dennis Hunter for an exploration of the three levels of meditation: Presence, Stillness and Inquiry—with a particular emphasis on Levels 2/3. Some previous experience with meditation is recommended.


    Members | $30

    Non Members | $35


    Dennis Hunter is the author of You Are Buddha: A Guide to Becoming What You Are, and offers nearly 200 articles on meditation and spirituality on his web site, He trained as a Buddhist monk at the monastery led by Pema Chödrön, and has been teaching meditation for over 12 years. A longtime resident of NYC, Dennis now lives in Miami.