Lola Rephann


Guilford, Connecticut & Lima, Peru


My teaching is a call to meet your edge and explore yourself body, mind and spirit. Moving freely, creatively and organically is our birthright. Let’s have fun as we dive into the Great Mystery of ourselves.


Forrest Yoga


15+ years personal practice. e-RYT, Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher, Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher, Reiki master, Thai massage and Myo-Fascial Meredian Release bodyworker. Black belt. Life-long student.


Erica Mather, Ana Forrest


Aerobics instructor, editor, webmaster

Lola Rephann instructs the following:
  • Forrest Yoga (Open)
  • Forrest Yoga is inspiring yoga method that engages the core through strong abdominal exercises and builds flexibility, intelligence and strength. Forrest Yoga uses heat, deep breathing and vigorous sequences to awaken the senses, sweat out toxins, relea

  • Hot Slow Flow (2)
  • Held in warm room, flow through creative sequences to encourage deep muscle tissue stretching and release. Temperature of room ranges around 100+degrees. Great way for athletes to cross-train. Focus on Safety and Alignment of each asana while holding poses 5-7 breaths to encourage deep stretching and opening. Learn benefits of each asana and pose sequences you can travel with to keep your muscles open while away from home.

  • Vinyasa (1/2)
  • Vinyasa is characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath. This class is diverse and sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy and in general is a vigorous, more athletic approach to yoga.

  • Yin Yoga (Open)
  • Yin yoga is characterized by poses supported by props (blanket, block, bolster). To differentiate it from a restorative class, yin will get deep into the soft tissue of the body. It's less restful, and geared more towards a functional release of deep muscle tissue.

  • Slow Flow (Open)
  • Take it slow with this gentle, but deep approach to Vinyasa yoga. This practice links poses to breath to reveal body awareness, inner strength, and opening.