Sonja Rzepski

PennYan, Upstate NY Finger Lakes Region

Sonja believes that although physical injuries, health conditions and modern stress may be the reason someone comes to yoga, it also invites them to celebrate the process toward finding balance and clarity in their life.

Vinyasa, Hot Slow Flow, Slow Flow

14 Years, Ashtanga, Rehabilitation, Yoga for Athletes, Prenatal Yoga, Samahita Yoga Institute Certified Yoga Instructor, Pre/Postnatal Exercise, Nutrition, Women's Health, Foundations of Flexibility and Alignment, Functional Anatomy

Paul Dallaghan, Eddie Stern, Pattabhi Jois

Actress, Aerial Acrobat

Sonja Rzepski instructs the following:
  • Trigger Point Therapy for Therapeutic Relief
  • Melding a gentle yoga experience with the latest science of trigger point release therapy, this class will help address chronic tightness caused by tension in the legs, back, and shoulders. The practitioner will learn to locate and let go of stubborn knots in order to enhance mobility, create better muscle response, and speedup athletic recovery. Open to all levels.


    Sonja Rzepski is a certified Yoga Therapist who strives to help students find balance, strength and clarity in their lives. Although injury, stress or anxiety may be the reason people come to yoga, Sonja believes yoga has the potential to elevate and promote compassion, joy, strength, and a reflective intelligence. She is grateful to the teachers and medical community at both the Samahita and Prema Yoga Institutes, where she has studied Ashtanga Yoga, Mediation, Pranayama, Medical Yoga and Ayurvedic Science.


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  • Vinyasa (2)
  • Vinyasa is characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath. This class is diverse and sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy and in general is a vigorous, more athletic approach to yoga.

  • Vinyasa Basics (1/2)
  • Vinyasa Basics focuses on correct breathing, postural alignment and sequencing of asanas in a traditional order, to help students cultivate a safe and well supported practice.

  • Alignment Basics
  • This therapeutic class is designed to develop ease, healthy alignment, and body awareness. Props and mindful adjustments in posture are used to aid body awareness and focus. It’s yoga without the “om.”

  • Yin/Yang (1/2)
  • This class begins with a fiery Yang(Vinyasa) practice to build heat in the body. This heat prepares the body to then melt deeply into 30 minutes of Yin yoga (restorative, deep release).