CC: Vinyasa (Open)

This class is taught by:

Kristi McNeill

Kristi McNeil




The feeling that her class might make a difference in someone's day is why Kristi loves teaching yoga. She knows the difference that yoga has made for her and when she sees it bringing happiness to her students it is incredibly uplifting.


Hot Power Yoga, Slow Flow, Basics


Pure Yoga West Managing Teacher, 500-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, 200-Hour E-RYT


Kay Kay Clivio among many others


Sales and Marketing

Alexandra Seijo


Manasquan, New Jersey


Alexandra’s classes are spiritual, deliberate, and full of high energy. She endeavors to instill in her students a sense of devotion to themselves and the greater source within.


Vinyasa, Hot Power, PXT


200-hour Teacher Training at PURE Yoga, 100-hour Mentorship and 100-hour advanced Prema Vinyasa Teacher Training with Dana Slamp, Pre-Natal and Postpartum certified through The Barnes Method; Yoga for Two.


Asana with Dana Slamp, David Hollander, and Raghunath. Yoga Philosophy with respectively, Dhanurdara Swami and Radhanath Swami


Actor/Waitress, Senior Sales Executive on Wall St. 

Sam Marchiano

Sam began practicing yoga 15 years ago at the suggestion of her dear friend and founder of Yoga Soup, Eddie Ellner. Initially, she was drawn to the practice as a way to help ground and balance her during an exciting, yet frenetic career as a television sports journalist. Over the years, as her practice deepened, she realized teaching yoga was the natural progression of her life’s work. She completed the 200-Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training in 2010 and then 200-Hours of the Pure Mentorship Program apprenticing under Heather Lilleston in 2011. Her classes are influenced by Jivamukti, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa with the intention of creating a vibrant, serious, and light-hearted space for self-observation and transformation. She is forever grateful to her many teachers, including: Eddie, Heather, Jean Marie Paolillo, Frank McCourt, her husband, parents, and her children.

Emily Faurholt

Kennewick, Washington
Emily loves how yoga encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual being. She appreciates how yoga allows us to tap into the power of the breath thus calming and supporting us throughout the practice and transcending off the mat to our daily life.
Hot Vinyasa
Teaching yoga for over 7 years and practicing for over 9 years. First teacher training with Bikram Choudhury in 2008. Prenatal Yoga Training 2011 and Pure Yoga Training with KayKay Clivio and Yogi Charu 2012.
kK Clivio, Yogi Charu, Tanya Boulton, Dharma Mittra, Ashley Hooper, Erica Mather
Basketball Player

Giulia Pline

As a B.F.A Dance graduate of The Boston Conservatory, Giulia began practicing yoga to supplement her dance training. The immediate calm yoga provided kept her coming back to the mat, intrigued by what the practice had to offer. Over time it was yoga's emotional and physical healing powers that had the biggest impact on Giulia's well being.

Giulia completed her 200-hr yoga teaching certification with Ame Wren and Lynne Begier and 100-hr Prema Therapeutics certification with Dana Slamp and Jon Witt. Currently pursuing a mentorship with Dana Slamp, Giulia strives to create a class which connects the yoga postures, breath, and movement to the inner spirit. Come explore yoga as a moving meditation and leave with a restored spirit, nourished body, and peaceful mind.

Joey Sbarro

Joey Sbarro has been an avid practitioner of Vinyasa yoga since 2008. Completing his 200 hour Vinyasa training in 2010, and Dana Slamp's 100 hour Prema Vinyasa intensive teacher training in 2012, he is now mentoring with the dynamic Mila Borrero to further develop his teaching skills. His classes are a Vinyasa flow with a focus on advanced asana and flying postures. You can expect to breathe, sweat, and spend a lot of time on your hands.

Gisele Agnew

Gisele's two most important philosophies are 1. Be happy and 2. Be yourself. She originally moved to NYC following a career in Business, but she always found myself missing something. As she started to delve more into yoga, she learned so much about herself. She quit my job and hasn't looked back ever since. She loves being that gateway for students to become in touch with their body and mind. Finding the correct alignment in poses and seeing students get those "A-HA!" moments is what she lives for. She enjoys playing foreign and instrumental music. She provide plenty of options for those that either want a challenge, or need to give themselves some restoration.

Elena Litvack

Elena has been a humble student and teacher of Yoga for over a decade. Her teaching unitesmovement and breath to create awareness and open up space in the body as well as the mind.
Elena’s philosophy is to nurture the gap between the thoughts, quiet the mind, and explore the edges of the stillness.
Elena completed her certifications under the guidance ofJhon Tamayo with emphasis on alignment and safe practice, she has studied with Leslie Kaminoff and Alison West, and draws deep inspiration from the teachings of Magi Pierce, Alison Sinatra, and Miles Borrero.

Jessica Rapp

HOMETOWN: Lexington, MA

PHILOSOPHY: Jessica is a New York City-based yoga instructor passionate about helping others of all ages and abilities find joy in their lives on and off the mat through the practice of yoga. Jessica's classes combine creative vinyasa sequencing, safe physical alignment, and a strong focus on the breath to build strength, balance, and ease. Jessica sees yoga as a toolbox to improve life physically, emotionally, and spiritually and is excited to share these tools with others.

CLASSES AT PURE: Vinyasa 1/2, Vinyasa Basics, Vinyasa 2, Slow Flow, Hot Power, Hot Vinyasa

EXPERIENCE & CERTIFICATIONS: 200-hr RYT, 100-hr Sequencing Mentorship,

MENTORS: Kat Fowler

BEFORE YOGA: Jessica also works as a pediatric occupational therapist for children with special needs.

Vinyasa is characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath. This class is diverse and sequencing will vary with instructor. Class is taught by teachers that are part of the Pure Yoga Mentorship program and are complimentary to Pure Members, or $10 for non-members.